What is focal or partial-gland ablation of the prostate?

Surgical and radiation treatments, as well as whole-gland ablation generate very good results with regards to disease control. They involve removing, irradiating or destroying the whole prostate gland. The problem with this is the risk of side effects that can affect the patient’s quality of life, the two main ones being impotence and incontinence.

The goals of focal or partial-glans ablation with HIFU are to only ablate the diseased area of the prostate and to leave the rest of the prostate intact to avoid the risk of sexual dysfunction and urinary disorders.

Therapeutic ultrasound treatment, especially with the Focal One® device, makes it possible to target only the affected area of the prostate thanks to its integrated diagnostic image fusion software (MRI and biopsies) and its new dynamic focusing ultrasound probe that allows for tissue ablation with millimetric precision.

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