Prostate Cancer & COVID-19 – Information from Maimonides Prostate Center

Like most hospitals across the U.S., Maimonides Medical Center is prioritizing resources to care for COVID-19 patients.  Ordinarily a 710 bed teaching hospital, Maimonides has temporarily surged to over 1,400 beds, including 400 ICU beds in response to the pandemic. 

All elective surgeries and most outpatient services have been postponed to focus on care for those who have COVID-19 and reduce the risk of infection to others.  The hospital’s current goal is to help as many COVID-19 patients as possible.

Delays in your treatment may cause some anxiety, but be assured that while treatment must and will happen, delaying for a short period of time will not put you at risk because of the slow growing nature of prostate cancer.  In addition, with this relatively brief delay, we are able to protect you from COVID-19 infection by minimizing your contact with the healthcare system, and it will not affect your prostate cancer.

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